Chilliwack BC Canada – Top Things You Need To Know Before Moving Here !

In this video I talk about Chilliwack BC Canada and the Top Things You Need To Know Before Moving Here !

Top Things You Need To Know Before Moving Here:

You’re going to wonder why you were so stupid to not do it 10 years ago. I 100% agree on this statement, once you move here you most likely won’t want to leave
It doesn’t always smell so fresh driving through the farmlands and backstreets.
Yes this is true some times of the year but this is the same for any other area in the world that has farmland. Just don’t move to farm land and complain about the smell of manure being spread….that’s like moving to Downtown Vancouver and complaining about the traffic.

We don’t have the “big city” shopping. Not very many options.

This is 100% true, but to be fair, Chilliwack is not a big city nor does it have a big city feel to it. Thankfully High Street shopping center in Abbotsford is a quick 25-30 minutes drive away.

That we have an abundance of beauty…lakes, mountains, camping, fishing, hiking trails, parks and family oriented neighborhoods.
I agree with this and this is my main reason for loving Chilliwack so much. We are at Cultus lake or at the river most of the summer. it’s gorgeous. and almost everything needed if your an outdoors person

Some people with allergies say that it really affects them some times of the year with the pollen.
I can’t personally speak for this as I don’t have allergies but this is something to definitely look into if you have allergies and planning to move here.

Be prepared for people to say that you live “all the way out in Chilliwack?” Or “its so far!” When mentioning visiting you….. I mean, your friends and family most likely won’t visit you all that much if they live in Vancouver, now that could either be a good thing or a bad thing. Chilliwack is around 1 hr from Langley 1.5 hrs to Downtown Vancouver

There are so many fresh fruit and veg Stands! You can literally buy a salad on your way home that’s grown locally and support your local farmers. We also the best corn in the world!!

There are quite a lot of homeless people in Chilliwack and there is a lot of theft in certain areas.
I can’t disagree with this statement at all…..but what city do you know of that does not have certain areas that have a homeless and theft issue ? Before you move just make sure to know what areas have these issues.

Chilliwack gets quite a bit of snow so make sure you have the proper tires on your vehicle
If you move here please make sure to have the proper tires on your car. Chilliwack also does have some areas that have lots of hills.


We get all these questions asked to us when helping our clients move to Chilliwack BC Canada and know they will help you before you are living in Chilliwack BC.

We have helped many families move to Chilliwack BC Canada and we have the systems dialed to make it as easy as possible for you and whoever will be living in Chilliwack BC with you!

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Honestly if you are moving or relocating here to Chilliwack, Fraser Valley or Vancouver areas we can make that transition so much easier on you!!

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