The Pros and Cons of Living In Chilliwack BC

This is the BEST video discussing the Pros and Cons of Living In Chilliwack . Will you be able to Living in Chilliwack BC Canada ? Find out. I’m going to talk about the Pros and Cons of Living In Chilliwack “ love and the hate “ of those 5 topics and then I’ll give you a couple that are right down the middle.

The Good and Bad of Living in Chilliwack BC:


The one thing I love about Chilliwack is there are endless activities to do so you always have something to do. We take the kids exploring all new neighborhoods in different parts of the town…there’s just so much to do here and you’ll never run out of stuff to do.

If you like doing anything outdoors, this is the place for it. There are hundreds of kilometers of forest roads, trails for hiking / mountain biking / ATVing, snowmobiling, Or Even just going for a quick bike ride along the river is nice.
But……..the other side of that is the Con. It can stink like manure from early spring until fall in the farm lands, from all the dairy farms and corn fields. Not every day, but often enough.


Most of the time there is no traffic to deal with. Sometimes in the summer you can get a slow day heading down Vedder Rd with all the people going out to Cultus Lake, but in general there is no “rush hour”.
But……..the other side of that is the Con. The thing I don’t like about it is the Traffic. If there is an accident on the highway, you’re basically stuck here. You can expect that at least every couple months, there will be a major event on Highway 1.

Now… I’ve really learned how to avoid a lot of the traffic, there’s different times where I take different streets and some areas I avoid driving altogether. But if you take the backroads and try to avoid the main streets at certain times of day “ You’re going to be just fine, but yes there is quite a bit of traffic here.


It is so beautiful here. It is green for days, there’s mountains, rivers , lakes….basically anywhere you go it’s going to be very very green. Now…I really like that and like I said it provides lots of really cool mountain and hiking trails. But…why is it so green ???
Because of the con, it rains a ton here. It’s not like it’s a torrential downpour everyday in the fall and early spring but ya it does rain a lot here.


OK, I love good food and beer. There are many nice brewery and restaurant options for you to choose from to have a great lunch or dinner. But….here is the con to this…there is not a huge amount of nightlife in Chilliwack. Luckily downtown Vancouver is not that far away for all your nightlife needs at around 1:15-1:30 minute drive to Downtown.


Cheaper Housing. Houses are much cheaper on average than other areas of the Lower Mainland & Vancouver.. Lots of people with children and plenty of children’s activities. As I mentioned before, less traffic than other cities closer to Vancouver. But….here’s the con….Longer commute to downtown and the transit system is not the greatest to commute to Vancouver.


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