5 SIMPLE Steps to Getting the Best Price for Your Home


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If you’re selling your home, you are probably trying to make as much of a profit as possible. You need to make sure that your home stands positively against your competition in the market. How do you do that so that you get the best price and minimize your time on the market? The following 5 steps will help you get the best price for your home:

Step 1 : Do Your Research

Research your market and your competition. Make sure to work with a local real estate agent. An experienced Realtor can provide insight into your current local market conditions in your area. Realtors can also provide you with a CMA ( Comparative Market Analysis ) to show you all the recent SOLD and ACTIVE listings . Remember, other homes on the market will determine your Listing and Sale Price. Working with an experienced local agent, you can determine the right asking price to be strategic in getting the most for your home.

Step 2 : Find the right Realtor

Hiring the right Realtor to sell your home is crucial to alleviate as much stress and eliminate as many roadblocks as possible and achieve the highest price for your house. When you make the decision to sell your house, look for an agent with a wealth of experience in the industry as well as selling houses in your price range. Always check business Testimonials of the Realtor on their website or Goggle Reviews. Since the most critical point is not how many homes the agent has sold, but how many homes were sold with great testimonials.

Step 3 : Finish Repairs

Take some time to look at the areas of your home that need attention. In doing this of course means spending money, but it will make your home show much better to perspective buyers. Presenting your home in move-in ready condition can help you sell it faster and help you pocket more money. Very few people want to buy a home that needs major repairs completed. Take care of any repairs that you need to do before the property hits live on MLS. This will unquestionably save your house time on market and help you achieve much higher sale price.

Step 4 : Stage Your Home and professional photos

Work with a professional to stage your home before your showings start. In doing so this will showcase your home the best possible, invest in good home staging that will wow potential home buyers viewing your home. It’s amazing how much of an impact staging will have on how buyers view your home. Your first showing takes place online, so it is very crucial to have great photos. Hire a professional photographer/videographer to make sure you have the best possible photos to showcase your home online. Putting up photos of your home that are of poor quality and that don’t highlight the best features of your home will undoubtedly hurt the possibility of buyers booking a showing appointment.

Step 5 : Let Your Realtor do their job

You need to trust your judgment in choosing that Realtor and you have to trust the advice you receive. Be available for home showings – and accommodate for open houses to maximize potential buyers through your home. Additionally please leave your home and take your pets with you for showings. Some showings will be scheduled for times that are not convenient and some buyers will cancel a showing with little no notice. This is all part of the process…. the purpose is to get your home SOLD!

Conclusion To Getting the Best Price for Your Home :

In conclusion, getting the best price for your house is a process of marketing your home the best possible and understanding what your home is worth. Follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to selling your house for top dollar !